Added by on June 15, 2013

Think about this for a moment. They all spent money on fedoras. They are all reinforcing each other into thinking this was a good idea.JVux2WO

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  • xxmincraf0rn0sc0pxxx

    Yo we got a gang here,
    they’ll stare at you awkwardly.

  • GeminiAgent

    These hoodlums would probably produce some of the greatest gansta rap ever if they didn’t consider it “beneath” them. Srsly, I’m talking the next N.W.A., with hits like:

    “Fuck the Admins”
    “100 Miles and Trolling”
    “Straight Outta Anaheim”
    “Ain’t No Fun (if the Bronies Can’t Have None)”
    “It Was a Euphoric Day”

  • Wrought

    We’re on a mission from god
    except he isn’t real xD that’s going on reddit!!