• sairighteous

    wtf is up with his hands? scary >.>

  • cringehinge

    How to make your death look sad

  • Shady Badger

    Is this that kid who photoshopped in Pinkie Pie while playing his Wii? He looks super grungey now.

  • Disasturbation

    NO. FUCKING. WAY. I’m lolling. Fucking WOW! It sucks that he’s dead, but what a way to go! Just so many lols

  • StraightForward

    I know this is old but this is truly fucked up.
    I saw this a while ago and every-time I come here I get reminded of this kids funeral.
    It was a kid that had his life taken away from him, so his family members and friends decided to surround his casket with his personal interests and hobbies.
    The fact that someone posted this for people to cringe/laugh at is pure cringe.