• JustEatThePie

    A part of me doesn’t want to disrespect the dead, while another part of me notices that the guy is a brony and a DBZ fanboy who’s wearing a Goku costume and is next to some MLP cushions, wondering whether the guy who set up his coffin is a complete fucking idiot for prepping corpses this way, or the corpse in question was always this much of a fucking lowlife.
    I don’t know how to act on this entry.

  • DoubleSwee

    Yeah, I’m not going to lie, this is fucked up.

  • Quagsire Smith

    Trolls aside, anyone who genuinely finds this gratifying is beta as fuck. Would love to see what cool shit turns up at your funerals.

  • smitty werbenjagermanjensen

    Cringe Channel users taking the moral high ground. If only you knew what ”irony” meant.

  • Death To Furries

    One down, thousands more to go

  • YoungBandersnatch

    “Twinklepuffs83 was the kind of guy who could light up a chatroom with his winky face…..”