• Crack Baby

    Please, I need to see him get beat up. Please.

  • yourgirl1776

    I would like his home address to smack his parents for putting up with his shit. If I was his mother I would give him the clothing on his back and drop him off at the local homeless shelter. Wait one day then bring everything he owned down and hand it out to whoever was on the street. Making him watch.

  • jim

    Self entitled pretentious little fucktard

  • JoshFggt

    I’m guessing he didn’t get a quality camera for Christmas either.

  • George Mckeown

    If he is this person that gets what he wants, then surely he could think of a better room design then a beige wall with 4 posters from magazines stuck to the wall with blue tac! and i assume he is trying to make us say , that stuff u got given is amazing u are spoilt when in fact the items he got where indeed a load of shit anyway so it didn’t work 😀 but bless his little cotton socks for trying hey ? :)