• http://youtube.com/yhfxirai yhfxirai


  • http://www.fatchicken.co.uk ibod

    i guess he never got the cock in the arse he asked for either….

  • Sean

    I love how he’s talking so quietly, because he knows if he was heard by his parents they’d kick his ass for bitching at them.

  • YoBad

    What’s he source on this? Does he have a Youtube? I’m not asking so I can start shit with him, I want to watch his other videos to see if this is genuine when compared to other videos he’s posted.

  • faggotking

    oh god this is giving me cancer

  • AshFire

    shut yo’ bitch ass up! at least you got anything!

  • Blah

    What a voice. Is this the dude who voices gay people on TV shows?