• Wise Ass

    I want to beat this fag’s laptop into bits. You didn’t get the iPad you wanted? Not the right shoes? How dare someone try to give you a book, or a Shirt! You can’t wear that shirt in public! Shred it to bits, it’s not like a homeless person would want it. A new iHome? Well why would they give you a new one. You already had a laptop, why would they give you a new tablet laptop, either. In all seriousness, this faggot needs to learn if you want something, get it yourself

  • AngrySoldier

    Ok this kid has got to be the most ungrateful kid I’ve seen in a long time. I Recently turned 20, so I’ve officially moved on from being a “teen”. But seriously?! This kid’s parents obviously didn’t teach him the meaning of value and what it means to get a gift from someone.